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Cary Schwarz Saddle
Patrick Paisley Built Saddle
This saddle has been well cared for and barely ridden. Small basket stamped with oak leaves and acorns. Bronze hardware, flat plate rigging with 3 way rig plates. 5" lined stainless ( J stirrups. No specs on the tree. Built in 1992. Rear cinch and breast collar both feature rolled and scalloped lining on top side. 15" seat, 4" horn cap, 3-1/4" tall, 4x12" cantle, 21" fenders. Saddle bags are 7"x8" (maker of bags unknown). Has an S carved on the horn, brand on the seat, and SPP incorporated on a club suite on the cantle.  All could be tastefully covered with silver. $4000
Mixed floral carving and the 3 sided basket stamp. Patrick built this saddle 2005 with as a student in my shop. Unknown tree. 15-1/2" seat, 4-3/4" Guadalajara horn, 3-1/4" tall. 4-1/2"x13" cantle, 3/4 flat plate rigging. 22" fenders, 4" leather covered stirrups and Beavertail bucking rolls. 7"x8" saddle bags. 3 piece breast collar, non matching rear cinch. 3-1/2" sterling horn cap with owners name in bronze (name could be removed). 2-1/2" sterling cantle concho with brand built by me. $2800
Alan Pursley Saddle
This saddle would be a good cowhorse or even trail rig.  Basket stamped, with oak leaves and acorns. Nice silver plated horncap and conchos.  Name engraved on cantle plate and makers concho (both removable). Flat plate rigging with bronze 3 way plates. No rear cinch or billets. Overlaid cushioned seat. Made in Montana in 1990. 15" seat, 13-1/2" swells. 3-1/8" cap, 3-1/4" tall. 13"x3-1/2" cantle with 1-1/4" cheyenne roll.  20" fenders, 4" monel bell stirrups. Matching 3 piece breast collar. Very good condition - $1900
Custom Saddles & Silver